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Manhattan Middle School is dedicated to providing a superior program for gifted and talented students. Our vibrant, creative, and highly committed staff establishes an environment of expected academic achievement where all students are valued and diversity is embraced. The classroom teacher is the primary provider of advanced academic services to students. Programming is documented in the TAG student’s Advanced Learning Plan, (ALP). Classroom differentiation as well as flexible, accelerated learning is Manhattan’s best approach to programming for gifted students. Accelerated math classes are offered 6th through 8th grade and advanced language arts classes are offered to 7th and 8th grade students.

Manhattan is a TAG Lab School. BVSD created TAG Lab Schools in order to build capacity and replicable models that address the particular academic and social-emotional needs of TAG students. Affective support is offered through TAG Lunch groups. TAG Seminar is available for students who wish to participate in a guided, independent study of their choosing. This allows students a chance to study in-depth, an area of personal interest. TAG seminar also supports students with group projects, activities and lively discussions if an independent study is not of interest.

The following enrichment activities are open to all Manhattan students and attract many TAG students.

Manhattan Middle School Clubs:

Manhattan Book Club

Math Counts

Robotics Club

First Tech Robotics Competitive Team

BVSD Sponsored Enrichment Activities:

Scripps National Spelling Bee

National Geographic Geography Bee

BVSD Literary Magazine

Corden Parma Regional Science Fair

National History Day

Manhattan’s TAG Advisor is Phyllis Ashe. Phyllis Ashe comes to Manhattan with a rich background of working with TAG students as well as a wealth of education in the area of Gifted and Talented Education. Phyllis is the primary advocate for students, communications, and program advising at Manhattan Middle School.

For additional information, please contact the BVSD Office of Advanced Academic Services listed on the BVSD Website.

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