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School Accountability Committee

Information Regarding SAC​
Colorado state law requires that every school has an active School Accountability Committee (SAC). The purpose of this representative advisory committee--comprising parents, teachers, principal, administrators and community members--is to look at school goals, drive school improvements in academics and climate, and review school budgets.

School Accountability Committee Manual

2020-2021 Manhattan SAC

Scheduled meetings for 2020-2021

Location - Virtual via Zoom (until further notice)

Time - 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Future Dates:

December 9, January 13, February 10, March 10, April 14,  May 12

Meeting Agendas:

October 14 Meeting Agenda

November 12 Meeting Agenda

December 9 Meeting Agenda

January 14 Meeting Agenda

February 11 meeting Agenda

March 11 Meeting Agenda

April 22 Meeting Agenda

May 13 Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes:

October 14 Meeting Minutes

November 12 Meeting Minutes

December 9 Meeting Minutes

January 14 Meeting Minutes

February 11 Meeting Minutes

March 11 Meeting Minutes

April 22 Meeting Minutes

May 13 Meeting Minutes

District Budget Survey Results

Primary Roles of SAC

  • ​Advise and make recommendations to the principal concerning the preparation of a school performance or improvement plan (see below for more information on the Unified Improvement Plan--UIP). 
  • Review budget proposals and make recommendations to the principal regarding school spending priorities. 
  • Meet at least quarterly to discuss whether school leadership, personnel and infrastructure are advancing or impeding implementation of the school’s performance or improvement plan. 
  • Provide input and recommendations on an advisory basis to the District Accountability Committee (DAC) and District administration concerning principal development plans. 

Unified Improvement Plan (UIP)

An effective school improvement planning committee allows schools to develop a strategic 2-year plan known as the Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) that focuses on quality education and high levels of student achievement. The plan will drive measurable improvement in achievement and academic growth for all students, as well as measurable improvement in attendance and enrollment, and in school climate and culture. The “UIP” will be used as a regular resource, or “blueprint,” for parents, community, faculty, school staff, students and district administration. The finalized plan must be submitted to state of Colorado by April 1st.

For further details of the role of SAC, please read the comprehensive SAC Handbook that was created by BVSD’s DAC Communications Subcommittee.​