Activities and Clubs Activities and Clubs

​​​​​​​We are proud to offer a variety of excellent before and after school academic and enrichment activities for our students.  Check out what is available.  There is something for everyone! And if you don't find what you want ask Mr. Graham for more information on how to start a club of your interest. 



Allies in Diversity{66003ef6-954f-49ae-aa46-a24b5d56dc97}Allies in Diversity<p>Allies in Diversity is a club that creates a positive school culture that accepts everyone regardless of their race, religion, body shape, gender identity and sexual orientation, and disability.<br></p>
Junior Thespian{66003ef6-954f-49ae-aa46-a24b5d56dc97}Junior Thespian<p>​All students are welcome in this club where students practice their skills at acting, dancing, singing, and behind the scenes support.<br></p>
TAG Seminar{66003ef6-954f-49ae-aa46-a24b5d56dc97}TAG Seminar<p>​Support club that meets twice a week before school for students to fulfill their ALP.<br></p>
Fall and Spring Dance{66003ef6-954f-49ae-aa46-a24b5d56dc97}Fall and Spring Dance<p>Every semester we have a dance to celebrate the positive choices are students make.<br></p>
Homework Club{66003ef6-954f-49ae-aa46-a24b5d56dc97}Homework Club​​Homework Club is a place for students to receive homework help from teachers and high school tutors on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45-4:45. This club will begin on September 5.<br><br>
Turkey Trot{66003ef6-954f-49ae-aa46-a24b5d56dc97}Turkey Trot<p>​The Friday before Thanksgiving break students run the mile. 1st place receives a turkey, 2nd place receives a chicken, and 3rd place receives a cornish hen.<br></p>
Fall Play and Spring Musical{66003ef6-954f-49ae-aa46-a24b5d56dc97}Fall Play and Spring Musical<p>​Each school year our school produces a Fall Play and Spring Musical. All students are welcome to audition.<br></p>
Jazz Band{66003ef6-954f-49ae-aa46-a24b5d56dc97}Jazz Band<p>​Meets once a week on Wednesday after school. Start date TBD<br></p>
Latino Leadership{66003ef6-954f-49ae-aa46-a24b5d56dc97}Latino Leadership<p>​A leadership group that helps create a positive, inclusive school culture for all of our students. This club meets once a week during lunch.<br></p>
Math Counts{66003ef6-954f-49ae-aa46-a24b5d56dc97}Math Counts<p>Students meet Wednesday mornings to practice solving challenging math problems, culminating in an exciting, "bee-style" competition in February.  </p>
Robotics{66003ef6-954f-49ae-aa46-a24b5d56dc97}RoboticsLed by a CU engineering student, the club creates technological wonders. Assigned a challenge or free build- it's all fun. This club has not started and and the meeting time is TBD<br><br>
Talent Show{66003ef6-954f-49ae-aa46-a24b5d56dc97}Talent Show<p>In May, all students are encouraged to show off their talents in our annual Talent Show. <br></p>
Zoo Club{66003ef6-954f-49ae-aa46-a24b5d56dc97}Zoo Club​Zoo Club is a place where students learn how to take care of animals in a controlled, caring, setting.  Zoo Club meets Monday's, Tuesday's, and Friday's before school in Mr. Tomlin's room.<br><br>
Yearbook Club{66003ef6-954f-49ae-aa46-a24b5d56dc97}Yearbook Club<p>Yearbook Club is a fun club for students who like photography, working on the computer, and layout design. Yearbook members have an important job for the school in publishing a product that they are responsible for creating.</p>
Dungeons and Dragons{66003ef6-954f-49ae-aa46-a24b5d56dc97}Dungeons and Dragons<p>Dungeons and Dragons is a club where students tell a story together, guiding their heroes through quests for treasure, battles with deadly foes, daring rescues, courtly intrigue, and much more. Dungeons and Dragons meets<span style="color:#333333;background-color:#edebdb;"> every other Wednesday from 4-5 PM after school in Mr. Arbuckle's room. </span></p>